TopTop—games and chat, a magical tool for spending time with friends

The most popular form of entertainment in Asia has finally come to the Arab world, gathering with friends has never been easier!

Simply open a chat room, choose a game, and the next second you are voice chatting while enjoying entertaining games with your groups of friends at the same time.

[A magical tool for home-party]

No more need to travel all the way to a café and pay for drinks, chat and play board games on TopTop right from home, for FREE!!

[Voice chat in groups, anytime anyplace]

Open your own chat room, invite as many as six people to voice chat together, all connected at once with fast Internet speed.

[Make new friends from the entire Arab world]

Get to make new friends that share the same interests as you. Enjoy your time playing together.

Hear what they are saying about TopTop:

“The App was funny especially when it gets to the point that you are playing with your friends online without spending effort to gather with them on the café. And I really loved the feature

that I can communicate with them by voice.” --- @Rania

“The good thing about it is that I don't have to schedule date and place to play, I just enter the app and will be able to play with anyone and have fun.” --- @Alaa

“The application is very nice, I really enjoyed playing on it.” --- @Eman

“It was really a nice experience, especially the voice chat with other players.” --- @Mohamed

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